Thursday, January 06, 2011

ten percent

There's 10% off everything in my ETSY shop for the entire month of January.
Yes, siree ... Just use the code JANUARY at the checkout.


Unknown said...

eek! Mr P on the drum! he is THE CUTE!
Je adore Mr. P
& 10% squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

minger said...

ok, i want the drumming pug tattooed! asap. im in love <3

Unknown said...

Hi Gemma! i'm really in love with your pets!all of them are so adorable!
i'm a cat addicted!!
I added your blog on my page! ;)


mikachu said...

I absolutely love your art! I might as well quote you on my new blog sometime. Keep working as good as now!


Genevieve said...

Please put this on a mug... I need to drink my tea and look at this every day to make me smile! x

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