Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March 27


~Dervla said...

Your artwork is genuinely beautiful and I love the way you articulate my feelings (even if you aren't aware that they're mine too) and I love you

^just wanna counteract the negative stuff.

but yea, its hard to ignore mean and violent comments, and you don't have to, just make sure you don't let them speak louder in your head than the positive things people say. ideally, they would both murmur at the same volume

your art is wonderful.

Shelley Knoll-Miller said...

This is fabulous, as is your work. Keep on truckin! I'm an illustrator and cartoonist too so I get how hard it is to keep 'putting yourself out there'. Well done and thanks. Your work does make a difference in the world.

Raven Blackmane said...

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Raven Blackmane said...

*When your initial comment gets deleted by your kid by playing on your phone."

Last year when my infant son passed away, I was scrolling on Instagram and a friend shared one of your posts. It was the laugh I needed. The dark days I had throughout this year have been made brighter by your illustrations. You are doing a great service. Thank you for helping me laugh through your relatable experiences.

As for meanies on the interwebs, they will always be buttheads. So many of us love you, even when folks are being mean, I'd like to think that more of us love you.

Eliza said...

I can't believe you get trolled. Who are these nasty people with nothing else to do but belittle others? I can't understand it.

I can relate to your being sensitive and always being told to grow a thicker skin. But, as you say, my sensitivity allows me to see injustice and care for others who are struggling or not seen (including animals). Sure my life might be a bit easier, but the way I see it, if I grew a thicker skin there would be one less person caring and reaching out. There would be one less person appreciating the little things in life that nevertheless have meaning.

I love your work Gemma and I'm glad you're sensitive. It brings a special dimension to your work that speaks to my heart. Thank you for this post.

Norainne said...

I identify with so much of your work, Gemma! And it baffles and scares me too, that people can be so mean to others and make horrible comments without provocation.

Just wanted to put in positive words from me, another sensitive human who overthinks everything and feels guilt for days after an unkind remark made.

So thank you Gemma, for your comics and your wit! They always make me feel better about myself!

Edwin King said...


As you suggest, your sensitivity is one of the things that makes you good at what you do. It makes you thoughtful, observant and empathetic. That's what trolls can't stand -emphathy and self-awareness are equally alien to them, and what they can't understand they want to tear down. They're inadequate people.

As someone who's been subject to depression and doubt all my adult life (and who's life has hung in the balance because of it), I see your commentary on the human condition to be perceptive and helpful. If you can smile at depression, you're on the way to managing it (I imagine the same goes for yoga). You are doing good work in helping people - please don't be downhearted, and do keep it up.

By the way, I REFUSE to refer to depression as the 'black dog'! Why troll the dogs?! I'm sure Bella agrees.

Zeppo the Whippet and I will have a flat white in the Red Roaster later today and send you positive vibes...

Take care.

Hanna said...

Your art and comics you draw about everyday life are awesome and touch the sides of my my everyday life too.
Artisticly you are my idol and from week to another I'm constantly cheered up with your work.

I hope you keep on drawing and posting.

Edwin King said...


That is a great thing to share - I hope it buttresses Gemma when faced with the buttheads.

I hope you're healing process continues. While the pain will never go away, I hope it lessens.

Melanie Hancox said...

You are fabulous. I give your postcards to my vulnerable students to make them smile.

Vic said...

Don't give up! Your art is fantastic, the puns are funny and intelligent. I love you cats more than pugs, but that's a matter of personal taste. ^^
I'm using your book Doodling for Dog People (german edition) to learn german words, and have fun at the same time. It's so much fun to learn like kids do. Thank you for your work. :-)

kitrino spiti said...

I enjoy your comics very much, especially the personal ones. Open and sensitive people are the most valuable to me. Get your protective armour from the positive people around you. I think I would write down my favorite positive comments and frame them in little frames around my computer so I can look at these whenever I get an ugly one. If you can't say something positive or at least constructive just don't say anything. Hey! You give enjoyment and tenderness out to the world! What do these troll give? Nothing! Even worse: negative nothing! You're the best!

Rowa Zheng said...

Gemma your comics are super awesome and cute! I was so happy when you started posting the daily diaries again - such witty story telling! They are the highlight of my day :)

Annette said...

I LOVE your work. It does make me laugh, and it encourages me. It is smart and funny and kind and caring and if people don't get it or like it maybe you can encourage them to just not look! Freedom is great!! Please keep sharing for those of us who need the laugh and encouragement that only you can provide!

Mel said...

I am so sorry that people on the internet are terrible towards you. (FWIW I don't think the solution to that is for everyone to just get used to it but for people to actually just stop being terrible, but so far I have not found a magic button to make that happen. I picture fountains of glitter that is specially magnetized to stick to trolls and not anything else.) I am really glad that you draw things and really glad that I get to see them through the magic of the internet. I hope that lots of other people tell you this too. I am not usually a commenty person, but you matter, and your work matters, maybe especially to lurky strangers like me who are usually too afraid of sounding dumb to say so.

Emie58 said...

I LOVE your work... I understand where you're coming from. Thanks for putting yourself out there... you are brave to do so and you inspire me!!!

DesignsByLizzie DesignsByLizzie said...

I think you can't be an artist unless you are a sensitive person! Keep being you and let all your fans adore you!

Reading the nasty troll comments makes my stomach turn. I know it happens all the time but I still can't believe people actually say that crap. They are wasting the Internet, LOL! Peace & Love ❤️

Debbie Meyer said...

Oh my goodness, Gemma. I can't even understand why people would leave you such nasty comments! Your work makes me happy every time I see it. I relate to it. I think it's all very clever, and honestly I'm a bit jealous that I don't create like you do. Thank you for putting your work out there. I feel like being open & honest about depression or being an introvert, etc are helping others to feel it's okay - we are not alone. People should be more kind and compassionate toward each other instead of hateful & critical. You are not the problem, you are part of the solution. It makes no sense to me why someone would go out of their way to drag you down (in an evil way) instead of just going about their business. I love your work. I'm sending you a big Texas-sized hug to say THANK YOU for brightening my day with your artwork. I don't know how you ignore the haters, but just know there are more of us who love you and only wish the best in life for you. ((squeeeze!)) <3

hannah-f-b said...

You have so much fantastic artwork! I love following your personal work and your style and stories are so relatable to so many.
Trolls are such a sad fact of the internet now - it's often a reflection of their own insecurities and yet a simple word can cut so deep. Stay strong!
I also did illustration at university - I'm pretty introvert myself and struggled with criticism. When I was a student I got told that my work was "good... but not great" and while that can be interpreted in many ways I took it very badly, it stayed with me ever since. It's been 6 years since I graduated and I only got a creative job last year. I still get told to grow a thicker skin and be less sensitive to this day!
I hope that you continue to channel your energy and who you are into your personal work - it's what your fans love you for. Thanks for giving us sensitive types a voice! ✨

Kitti said...

Your comics give my own anxiety and depression a way to articulate themselves. I went through a very dark two years, and your comics were one of the positive lights in that darkness. You and your work gave me many much-needed lifts through the hard bits, and I would like you to know that, despite what any trolls may say, you have helped save a life.

The Dowd Project said...

I love your work!! And relate to so much! 4 pug mama here, art major...I could be you. I don't understand people spreading negativity-especially when it is completely out of left field!! I do know negativity spreads faster..and I think our world has a lot of miserable, unhappy, bored lonely people---trying to connect, as twisted and warped as their methods/words are. Love your work! Big cheers for you! If we didn't have some valleys to go through, we wouldn't be in such awe at the summit each time. Hugs and peace to you!!! Keep it up! And as Beyoncé says 'Don't. Try to. Hold me down.' Cause nobody can...

Anna said...

You're awesome! I love your work, never quit! :)

K C said...

I normally don't do this but I want you to have more fan mail than troll comments. I've been a fan of your artwork for years, I even still have the "Where my Grrs At" tiger shirt that I bought from your Etsy shop in 2010. Your work is so inspiring and I love how openly you speak about mental health and feminism, which is a magnet for internet trolls. I respect your ability to ignore the negativity and continue doing work for causes that you believe in. I hope drawing continues to be a positive outlet in your life because you will always have fans who are excited to see it.

Remorada said...

You are great, your drawings are great and you have to believe it and see you the way we do... I'm not fluent in english and I don't usually leave messages to people I admire, but these attacks make me really angry ò_ó

Professor Hush said...

I learn more & more each day that the more open I become about sharing what I know of my life experience through written words/music/art the more "trolls" come along to tell me to shut up if only because a lot of what i express & say is something they would never feel safe within themselves to communicate aloud. especially the people who say mean/violent/shut up like statements. it is them especially who under express themselves & do to their lack of allowing themselves to express their own experience with life & emotions, due to stifling themselves they become more angry/sad/mad/volatile & if they live in a harsh environment that actually requires they be so externally tuough in order for them to survive the day, they are not going to appreciate words & input from people who somehow touch their emotions/speak to their experience/make them consider themselves more deeply stylistically/emotionally. even me, i get upset sometimes when people touch within me nerves i wasn't ready or didn't want to confront but all in all we read & go near whatever we are compelled to observe & this is a web comic/your art is your art. if they didn't want to look at it or read it they could just as easily go look at or read something else. & if they continue to look on with hate even then they are looking still because by watching you do or say whatever it is you do, they learn vicariously through you things about themselves

Tom Kealey said...

Thanks Gemma. Your work is an inspiration to me. Thanks always for daring to share. 🤗

georgia elliott said...

Brave, inspiring and TALENTED!!!! keep going. - Georgia

Francesca Ledda said...

Please never quit! Your illustrations and cartoons always make me smile and fill me with inspiration!

Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing your story; it's one that many of us share with slightly different flavors. I personally LOVE your art both the pieces you sell and share on social media. You speak to my heart and I show off my iphone case all the time which is the Map of the Introverts Heart (from Society 6 but I don't think you sell there anymore). Anyways, I'll be 46 years old this summer and in part thanks to your work I've finally embraced my introvert ways. For the longest, I used to think I was weird, awkward, somethings wrong with me but there's actually LOTS of people who feel the same way. For every troll there's 1,000+ fans so eff-em. Love you Gemma - keep up the amazingness.

Unknown said...

You rock - and don't let anyone tell you differently. Your art tells the truth. The drawing is lovely and the stories shared help a lot of folks, including me, to feel less alone and more appreciative of ourselves. Thank you. <3

lesley May said...

Hi I love your comics. I read the scary comments in a thick stupid accent lol are they worth illustrating for fun therapy?

lesley May said...

Hi I love your comics. I read the scary comments in a thick stupid accent lol are they worth illustrating for fun therapy?

Tammie said...

Thank you for sharing your work on social media. I started following you because we have pugs. I finally got to meet you in Toronto this year & wanted to thank you for sharing your feelings. I was having a panic attack & couldn't spit it out (so many people there, don't know how you do it). I live in a small town in Ohio, don't get out much. You brighten my day!

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Unknown said...

I feel totally identified with your cartoons.Thank you very much, I don't feel alone anymore.

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